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I went to see a functional doctor a while ago, she did comprehensive tests, analyzed them, then she said something like “there are a number of things that need to be addressed, I can’t tell which is primary, I’ll treat all issues”.

I was asked to observe the following dietary restrictions:

Anti-inflammatory diet
Low oxalate diet
Avoid foods according to wide range personal sensitivity test

I was already doing a low-fat vegan diet at the time, trying to avoid heart surgery, but had to change that,
… after 3 years, had to go to surgery and now need to take Warfarin (blood thinners).
Vitamin K + k2 interact with warfarin,
so I need to eat a low K diet (e.g no greens)

Given the above 4 major sets of  dietary restrictions, I was not sure what I could eat, but I found a simple solution

Eat the wrappings

That strategy actually went well for a while…then I decided to build a tool to handle the complexity of multiple dietary restrictions and answer the question

What can I eat?


So, here is an early version of the tool, we are in the process of adding more columns  to make it more useful

there are potentially 100’s of columns (Histamin, Oxelates, Grains, TAMO are next)

It’s huge

and it’s nonprofit

if you’d like to help or donate please contact us


also if you’d like to get updates, send us a msg


My name is Guy,

Lani works with me, does most of the editing