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Find foods that meet your dietary restrictions

When you apply food as medicine, you soon find your self dealing with multiple sets of food restrictions ,

for example:
You are Vegan or Keto
You try to treat a condition with a condition specific dietary interventions (e.g blood pressure or insulin resistance)
You have some personal food sensitivities as shown by a test/elimination diet/experience
You try to avoid process foods
You try to reduce calcium intake as it builds up in your tissues
You try to avoid iron as it builds up in your brain

Making a list of the stuff you can eat quickly gets complicated

Build a food list for any nutrients mix

Food is a package deal,
when you target a specific nutrient, it’s a good idea to make sure you get generally nutrient dense foods in your list.

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* Based on USDA Sr28, and other credible sources
* Full USDA SR28 documentation >>

Measurements per 100 gram

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Some asked about TAMO, it’s made in the body from choline, see “Choline, total” column

Lectins (total: high/medium/low) columns in the pipeline

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